Schreiner’s Sermons on Galatians

Tom Schreiner is Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the author of a superb new commentary on Galatians. He also pastors at Clifton Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, where he preached a 21-sermon series through the book of Galatians in 2007.

I found the audio recordings from his sermon series, but they were scattered all around the Internets. Using three different sources I was able to assemble what I think is a complete series [although one message appears to have been recorded outside the local church context (track 9)]. I located the appropriate sermon titles, harmonized the ID3 tags, uploaded the mp3 files to a personal server, and now I offer them to you:

  1. The Gospel: Our Life (1:1–9)
  2. The Supernatural Gospel (1:10–24)
  3. The Freedom Of The Gospel (2:1–10)
  4. Public Church Discipline (2:11–14)
  5. Faith In Christ (2:15–21)
  6. Don’t Be Foolish (3:1)
  7. Faith From First To Last (3:1–9)
  8. Not By Law (3:10–14)
  9. Blessed With Abraham (3:10–14)
  10. Promise, Not Law! (3:15–20)
  11. The Role Of The Law (3:21–26)
  12. Freedom From Ourselves (4:1–11)
  13. Words For A Friend (4:12–20)
  14. Citizens Of The Free City (4:21–5:1)
  15. Faith Alone (5:2–6)
  16. Comfort In Trouble (5:7–12)
  17. True Freedom (5:13–18)
  18. Life In The Flesh And Life In The Spirit (5:19–26)
  19. Bearing Burdens And Examining Your Work (6:1–5)
  20. Keep Sowing To The End (6:6–10)
  21. Our Last Time (6:11–18)

Total time/size: 11.3 hours, 121.2 MB

6 thoughts on “Schreiner’s Sermons on Galatians

  1. This is great work, Tony. Was going to say, “Wow!” but Terry beat me to it. Regardless, thanks for all you did to make hearing Dr. Schreiner possible, especially for us pastor types. Continued blessings upon you, your family and ministry!

  2. Thanks, for your work and sharing the links with us, Tony. I’m looking forward to listening and reading Dr. Schreiner’s book. Galatians was a liberating book for me as a young man caught up in salvation by works. A book I’ve recommended over and over for 30 years. Blessings!

  3. Thank you! I found Galatians sermons on Clifton Baptist’s website but many of the sermons were truncated at 4-5min long. It doesn’t look like this is the case here so thank you again for your work! Schreiner is a great solid teacher

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