Alan Jacobs, Wayfaring: Essays Pleasant and Unpleasant (Eerdmans, 2010), page 3:

I may not be much of a writer, but I do like sentences; indeed I love them, and think about them a lot–shockingly often, really. I am one of the few remaining Americans blessed with the opportunity to walk to and from work each day, and as I walk I am likely to be rolling sentences around in my head. I have even stopped listening to This American Life on my iPod, the better to facilitate concentration. Sometimes, when I want extra time to consider my options–the walk is only about fifteen minutes–I take a detour to Starbucks. I enjoy the coffee, but I’m really just prolonging my commute for the sake of the sentences.

2 thoughts on “Sentences

  1. Sentences, thinking about how to put knowledge, observations, and summaries in communicable forms that the individual can digest is a challenge which stirs the soul. Long sentences and short sentences and not so many of these mediocre sentences of 12-15 words is what my teacher of English Composition in High School, Mr. LaCroix, demanded of us some 55 years ago. His demands were shrewd guidelines. Rare delights! Profound insights!

  2. Wayfaring is a great collection of essays. I especially like ‘Choose life’.

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