The End of Blood Sacrifices

B. B. Warfield, Works 2:434–35:

Wherever the Christian religion went, there blood-sacrifice ceased to be offered—just as the tapers [thin candles] go out when the sun rises. Christ’s death was recognized everywhere where it became known as the reality of which they were the shadows. Having offered His own body once for all and by this one offering perfected forever them that are sanctified, it was well understood that there remained no more offering for sin. “The death of Christ,” says Harnack—“of this there can be no doubt—made an end to blood-sacrifices in the history of religion.”

2 thoughts on “The End of Blood Sacrifices

  1. I am reminded of what veterans of World War II who served in the South Pacific had to say about cannibalism. I heard several years ago state, “If your boat sunk or your air plane got shot down, and you made it to the shore of an island, you wanted it to be a place where the missionaries had come. If the missionaries had been there, you would be the guest for dinner. If they had not been there, you were likely to be the dinner.” I also read some accounts to the same effect.

  2. My son and i were talking through the end of the Jewish sacrificial system due to its fulfilment in Christ last night (in much simpler terms – he’s 4)

    in light of that, i’m lovin this quote this morning

    (i would share it with him but he cant read yet and even at that he’d prob look blankly at me and say “what…you’re crazy” which is his way of saying i dont have a clue what you’re on about dad.

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