Big Sig (Pics)

Wednesday night my son (9) and his baseball team won the league baseball championship–a three-peat! Before the game I was persuaded by my wife and some other parents of players on the team that it was time to break out my digital SLR camera (Canon Digital Rebel XT) and “Big Sig,” the affectionate name for my Sigma 400mm telephoto lens. It has been a while since I’ve shot with it and the conditions that night were not perfect for taking pictures, but I did manage a few shots that I wanted to pass along. Click images for larger versions.

4 thoughts on “Big Sig (Pics)

  1. Excellent action shots … timing IS everything. Congratuations to your son and the team…

  2. Great pictures, Maybe someday he will pitch for the Red Sox. Did I notice him throwing a circle change? Awesome!

  3. Someday! I think that’s a circle change, but an inadvertent one. Ha! That explains his dominance this year, a lot of inadvertent junk pitches.

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