Birthday Book Giveaway #3

Tomorrow marks the 286th birthday of John Newton, a blaspheming slave ship captain turned Christian, who would pastor for over 40 years, play a role in the abolition of the British slave trade, and of course author a little hymn we call “Amazing Grace.”

Newton’s life story is an amazing testimony of God’s grace from beginning to end and in my opinion there isn’t a better biography of that life than the one written in 2007 by Jonathan Aitken: John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace.

I highly recommend it.

This time I have 2 copies to give away to 2 random winners, all thanks to our generous friends at Crossway Books.

Here’s how to enter:

  • This time you can enter only through a comment on this post. Leave a brief comment here and that’s it, you’re entered!
  • Please include your email address in the form field on that comment (which will not be published).
  • Entries will be received until 5 pm EST tomorrow (Sun). Winning entries will be randomly selected and I’ll announce winners at that time.
  • The winning books can be shipped within the continental United States only.

Thanks for entering the contest!

And for an excellent introduction to Newton’s life and ministry, I highly recommend John Piper’s 90-minute biographical message which can be downloaded for free from the DG website here.

59 thoughts on “Birthday Book Giveaway #3

  1. Thank you for your ministry! You are gifted, in that you have the ability to take the “difficult” subject of Christian Apologetics and explain it in such a way that everybody can understand it, yet you do not “dumb it down.” god bless you in your ministry!!

  2. I’ve read some of his letters, and they are always encouraging and inspiring. Men like Newton motivate me anew to follow Christ with purpose and passion. Thanks for the book recommendation; your choices are always excellent! I look forward to your book release as well!

  3. In a way Newton’s story is our story too…shady pasts before the Gospel shined through, grace from start to finish. Please enter me in this draw…I’d love to have this volume.

  4. I would love to learn more of Newton’s legacy beyond ‘Amazing Grace’!

  5. Read Hindmarsh’s biography of Newton and loved it. I would like to try Aitken’s work and refresh my memory concerning the life and ministry of Newton.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to obtain a book about a very inspiring person.

  7. My husband just finished taking a class that discussed the British slave trade and it was very interesting and enlightening. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Renee R

  8. I love biographies, and was wondering if Newton had a biography just a few days ago! This looks like an awesome opportunity to read it! :)

  9. Sweet! The possibility of winning free books to add to my library that I will someday transfer to my sons. Thanks for the opportunity Tony and Crossway.

  10. Amen, Newton is one of the best letter writers in church history. We are blessed to have his works to read and to be edified by today. And thanks for the kind words about my book Zanne!

  11. Hindmarsh is very good especially at looking academically at the world in which Newton lived and ministered. But on the whole I’d say Aitken is a little more well-rounded, more biographical in the full sense of the term, imo.

  12. Amazing waste,
    Another round,
    Of books denied to me.

    Amidst the frost,
    By borders bound,
    Withheld all charity.

  13. Here’s another, with another couple dashes of snark:

    Ah!! my disgrace
    Go, tweet the sound,
    That fav’d no wretch like me.

    I wince at loss,
    But now – dumbfound-
    No kind Yankee I see.

  14. Okay, it’s time to close the comments to this post, partly because it’s 5:00 and the entries are no longer being taken, but mainly to shoo away the Canadians.

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