Birthday Book Giveaway #3 Winners

Thanks for all the comment entries this past week, and for all the kind and encouraging notes. I appreciate your kindness and your readership of this little blog. The giveaways were a success in my opinion, although my hope is that many more of you will win free books in the future and with that in mind I plan to do this more frequently.

For the Newton biography I received 48 entries. I listed and alphabetized the entries in Excel (by the first letter of the first name) and then went over to the random sequence generator. This time, numbers 35 and 41 were randomly chosen and those numbers represent two winners on the list:

  • Natalie
  • Ricky Alcantar

It’s always fun to see a friend win.

Congratulations, Natalie and Ricky! In the mail you’ll soon be receiving a copy of Jonathan Aitken’s excellent biography, John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace (Crossway, 2007).

The three giveaways this week we all made possible by our generous friends at Crossway Books. As a blogger I love working with their publicity department, as a reader I love reading their books, and as a writer I’m honored to have my first book coming out under the Crossway label.

Well congratulations to all the winners of the three giveaways. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday (in both senses of the word), and happy birthday John Newton!!

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