Newton’s Comfort for Christian Bloggers, Writers, and Preachers

Taken from the diary of a friend of John Newton’s, recounting a personal conversation they enjoyed:

January 26, 1804 —

He [Newton] told me that after he was settled at Olney [his first pastorate], and had preached six sermons, he thought he had told them his whole stock, and was considerably depressed.

“But,” he said, “I was walking one afternoon by the side of the river Ouse; I asked myself, How long has this river run? Many hundred years before I was born, and will run many years after I am gone. Who supplies the fountains from whence this river comes? God. Is not the fund for my sermons equally inexhaustible? — the word of God. Yes, surely. I have never been afraid of running out since that time.”

I asked if he had consumed all the variety in the Bible now he was an old man and an old minister. He smiled, and said, “O no, Sir; O, no, Sir.”

3 thoughts on “Newton’s Comfort for Christian Bloggers, Writers, and Preachers

  1. Reblogged this on wordfocused and commented:
    I’m so looking forward to Tony’s bok on this great mean of faith, and example of the riches of God’s grace to sinners. Thanks Tony for your labours in capturing God’s glories reflected in the life of John Newton.

  2. Thanks for sharing. That’s why I don’t understand how some ministers could repeat the exact sermon (non-special-occasion sermon) word by word at different churches that they visit. Praise the Lord for minister that strives to bring spiritual food week by week from the King’s banquet with hard work.

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