Lecrae on Lecrae’s Compromise


What would compromise look like in Lecrae’s career?

I asked him.

Last November, while he was in Minneapolis for a concert, Lecrae kindly agreed to answer some questions, and I thought it was the right time to ask the hardest question — the type of question everything inside of me hesitated to ask in the first place, but the type of hard question that ultimately works toward clarity on important issues.

My appreciation for Lecrae and his music was already high at the time, and it increased by his willingness to answer this:

You partner and record with gifted artists who are not Christians. Some fear this trajectory will lead to a compromising of the gospel, and so there’s a level of uncertainty among some Christians about your future. This is an opportunity for you to address the future. (1) What would a compromised message look like in Lecrae’s future? (2) What will a faithful message look like in Lecrae’s future?

Here’s his answer (3-minute audio):

* * *