Books of the Year 2014: The Contenders

I plan to select a list of my favorite books of 2014. My last list covered 2012.

Unlike 2013, during those years when I do have time to stay current on the non-fiction releases from Christian publishers, I usually take some time in July to begin writing out a list of contenders. At this point the list is quite incomplete, but a rough list at this stage will help inventory the books that have caught my attention so far. So here is the early stages of my list of books that will be seriously considered as I develop my final list in November.

My list (updated on 10/10) is now up to 50+ titles (* = recent adds):

10 thoughts on “Books of the Year 2014: The Contenders

  1. Thanks for alerting me to another book by Z Eswine. I benefited a lot from his ‘sensing Jesus’.
    At about same time as my research on augustines preaching was published, IVP printed my book on the trinity and simplicity. ‘Simply God: Recovering the Classical Trinity’. It is the spiritual vision of God that lies behind the experience of writing the preaching book you list. Enjoy.

  2. The Warden and the Wolf King by Andrew Peterson (official release later this month)

  3. Also many me differ on this side but Strange Fire by John MacArthur was a great read even if you differ from him on that issue.

  4. I hope you will consider adding this to your list: Show Them Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids by Jack Klumpenhower (New Growth Press)
    The immense beauty of the gospel explicitly woven throughout every chapter makes it an excellent read for anyone, not just parents and teachers. In a word, this book not only shows us how to show kids Jesus, it shows us Jesus.

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