60 Books to Watch for in 2017


With the help of gracious publishers my book reading can stay two or three months ahead of scheduled book launches. This gives me the margin I need to schedule author interviews early and ultimately to complete my books of the year list by around Halloween. For me it also means that by the time Christmas rolls around I’m usually a half-dozen books into the New Year of forthcoming titles.

So I find it helpful, at the turn of the new year, to inventory the forthcoming titles we can expect to see in the spring and to write out a preliminary list of all the books that catch my eye. I have never published this list before, but I will this year. To be clear: These are not books I’m endorsing or advocating for, simply titles that have caught my attention and will be given more time in the months ahead.

As I expected, the non-fiction Christian market in 2017 is going to be strong! So here we go. The 50 55 60 66 77 titles that catch my attention.

Some of the Best Books of 2016 (So Far)


Today I begin compiling my list of the best books of 2016 (Christian non-fiction). Here are the 40 titles on my radar so far. Having spent most of the year writing a book, I’m just now catching up. What have I missed? [* = newly added]

Personal Update


It’s been a busy month of content to process, so I figured I would post some updates on my recent writings, recordings, reads, and listens.

In the last month, written or recorded:

As my smartphone book wraps up in the next month, my summer reading plan is coming together, a little more heady than normal (but not by much):

Current reading/writing tunes:

New Goodreads book reviews (here) for: