The 50 Best Books of 2015 (So Far)


2015 is 60% over, and that means all the books for the year have either been released or announced. In the summer months I begin to compile a rough list of about 50 of the potentially best Christian (non-fiction) books of the year into a list that I will use to pick my top choices in November.

[Update: The list has nearly topped 70 titles — thanks for the wonderful suggestions.]

Here’s my list:

Of course I need your help on this community project of trying to pull in all the contenders. Tweet me or comment here: What books from 2015 have I missed?

19 thoughts on “The 50 Best Books of 2015 (So Far)

  1. Tony,

    I JUST finished reading page 34-35 of your book LIT!, which I bought a few days ago. Setting aside all the other things i would love to say to you and thank you for, I wanted to say thank you for this. As I finished reading about the new sight you were given (under your subhead “My Unveiling”), and read a page of Christ’s glories, my spirit soared in worship.
    Then my phone pings that I have a new email from your blog, specifically about books!
    You may not read this or have time to respond, but I wanted to say “thank you”, and praise God for our faithful telling of how your hearts eyes were unveiled.

    Caleb Larson
    Thornton, Colorado


  2. Caleb thank you for the incredible encouragement, I really appreciated it, especially as I should be working on my next book, but this morning I decided to procrastinate by talking about books written by others (haha!). Your words are an encouragement and an admonishment that I need to get back to work. Thank you! Tony

  3. Wonderful book. There’s some highpoints, especially when he gets into Augustine’s conversion and the role of the affections. But a fundamental lack of redemption at the center of moral character would make me hesitate in calling it a Christian book, at least in how I would conceive of it.

  4. Right. I completely understand. Rules for Reformers by Douglas Wilson was outstanding!

  5. Thanks for the writing Lit!. A great help to me and just the kind of thing I was looking for.

    How about including

    “Side by Side: Walking With Others in Wisdom and Love” by Edward T. Welch
    “Openness Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ?” by Rosaria Butterfield

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