The 70 Best Books of 2015


2015 was, for Christian publishing (non-fiction), insane. My list of contenders for book of the year is down to 70 selections, the most ever. Now begins the long process of trying evaluate and rank them in some sense of order and priority.

Here’s the list:

Tell me in the comments: What’s your book of the year 2015?

17 thoughts on “The 70 Best Books of 2015

  1. While I’ve read a few from your list, of the 30 books I’ve read this year, Joe Rigney’s The Things of Earth hits home for this millennial who grew up on war-time living. A great horizontal compliment to Desiring God’s vertical focus.

    Always enjoy your “Best Books of…” posts, thanks for sharing great insights, Tony!

  2. I think Reformation Heritage’s publication of the works of William Perkins (volumes 1 and 2 released in 2015) is significant for those who follow Puritan theology. Also, Mark Jones’ Knowing Christ should likely be a contender for book of the year.

  3. Rejoicing in Christ by Michael Reeves has been the most encouraging to me. Thanks for the great list. We are blessed.

  4. Have to say, even though you can’t put it on the list – Newton on the Christian Life has been my hands down favorite book of the year. My congregation is probably getting tired of hearing all the quotes from it! Thanks for powerfully summarizing the truths that Newton gained from Scripture and his own experience.

  5. Rejoicing in Christ by Michael Reeves was my favorite thus far but I’m halfway through Ryken’s biography on J.I. Packer and it will be at the top of my list by year’s end.

  6. Rhyne Putman’s “In Defense of Doctrine: Evangelicalism, Theology, and Scripture,” Anthony Thiselton’s “Systematic Theology,” and Stanley Hauerwas’s “The Work of Theology.”

  7. The Things of Earth by Joe Rigney is hands down my favorite and most impactful book of 2015. Such a liberating read, absolutely loved it and will likely refer back to it regularly and re-read often.

  8. God Made All of Me should definitely be in the to 10!

    My wife and I really appreciate the great resource to help us equip our daughters. We read through the book last night and both girls were really engaged. It’s a REALLY helpful tool.

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