New Book: How to Pray for Your Wife by Mark A. Weathers (1581347863)

New Book Alert!

How to Pray for Your Wife by Mark A. Weathers

Of all the most important things we must do for our wives (remembering anniversaries and going on date-nights) praying for them consistently must certainly be one of the most neglected. This is especially unfortunate because the bible clearly describes a godly wife and many of us have wives who truly desire to be godly. How do we, as spiritual leader, put the two together?

Traveling through Proverbs 31, author Mark Weathers breaks the passage into 31 points covered in 31 days. On each point he includes a short teaching, suggestions how to pray specifically for your wife in this area, prayer journal and area to mark answered prayer. A helpful study guide follows at the end. I am especially drawn to the days marked Bargain-hunter, Artistry, Multitasking, Laughter, Watchwoman, and Idol-smasher. This book looks like a real help for husbands like myself to show true love to our wives.

Pastors wives: Let her works praise her in the gates

When we set out to sell our house in the hopes of moving to Minneapolis to pursue pastoral training I promised the family that once our house sold we would spend a family day together. It did, and so today we will.

But it’s also a great day to be reminded of the importance of my wife in this transition. By God’s grace she is simply incredible. She has been focused and works with great diligence, making sure (with everything in our world now in motion) that the spiritual priorities remain at the front. Like the Proverbs 31 woman she is competent in the real estate market, searching out properties that would suit our family well and researching neighborhoods in Minneapolis (v. 16). Her busy day is often interrupted by two small children. She is loving, caring and able to stop everything to minister to the friends and family who call frequently.

This family day is a good reminder of the blessing it is to pursue pastoral ministry with a godly partner. I simply couldn’t be blessed any further than I am. If your wife is like mine, let her praise resound at the city gate!