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NEWS: The Shepherd’s Scrapbook blog today ranks as the 50th hottest WordPress.com blog on the Internet. Thank you to my high-speed Puritan friends. That means a lot of people will come to check us out who do not know Christ personally. May I invite you to please read the book of Romans online this weekend? And please consider reading this free book on God’s invitation of a personal relationship with Himself. Salvation offered to you free of charge — by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone! What grace — what beauty — that God would die for me!

UPDATE 4:45 PM: What an awesome day. Thank you everyone who stopped by. Set a new TSS record with 1,170 hits today. I will be on the road this weekend and into next week. But I will probably be blogging from Minneapolis. See if we can’t get this blank interlinear done. Steve, waiting for the VoV. That will be fun. Speaking of Steve, everyone who took advantage of the incredible offer from Banner of Truth on the John Owen volumes this week, head over to his blog and leave a comment of thanks. It was his gracious and generous offer. No publisher is more generous than the Banner of Truth. Have a great weekend and Lord’s Day. Christ is so precious!

Update from Minneapolis

Hello everyone,

We spent the weekend with my dear friends in Minneapolis. An excellent sermon on “radical fellowship” (Acts 2:42-47) by Rick Gamache was the highlight (eventually it will be posted here: Sovereign Grace Fellowship). Great encouraged from my friends Tom and the Bices.

Excellent news: The reversed interlinear bibles from Crossway have arrived!! Yes, this means the long-awaited reversed-interlinear “Blank Bible” project will begin soon (see our first “blank bible” project here). We will be announcing a contest to win a free one so stay tuned.

But coming up Tuesday, I will be back in Omaha with a review of Jeremiah Burroughs’ books titled Gospel Life. And later this week we will continue in our series on confessing sin to one another.

Until then, I stand amazed at the love of the God I killed,



Confess your sins to one another (part 7)

With men it is confess and have execution,
but with God confess and have mercy.
We should never lay open our sins but for mercy.
So it honors God;
and when he is honored,
he honors the soul with inward peace and tranquility.
We can never have peace in our souls
till we have dealt roundly with our sins,
and favour them not a whit [bit];
till we have ripened our confession to be a thorough confession.
What is the difference between a Christian and another man?
Another person slubbers [is careless] over his sins
and he thinks if he comes to the congregation,
and follows the minister,
it will serve the turn [end].
But a Christian knows that religion is another manner of matter,
another kind of work than so.
He must deal thoroughly and seriously,
and lay open his sin as the chief enemy in the world,
and labor to raise all the hatred he can against it,
and make it the object of his bitter displeasure,
as being that that hath done him more hurt than all the world besides;
and so he confess it
with all the aggravations of hatred
and envy that he can…
That we in our confessions
(in our fastings especially)
ought to rank ourselves among the rest of sinners.
Perhaps we are not guilty of some sins that they have been guilty of.
God has been merciful to us and kept us in obedience in some things.
But, alas!
There is none of us all
but we have had a hand in the sins of the times.

Richard Sibbes, Works 6:188-189


Hello everyone. I am out of town until tomorrow. Later this week I am planning to complete a book review of the Works of John Flavel. He is such a precious Puritan preacher, I anticipate introducing you to him if you’re not familiar. He makes an excellent friend.

Thanks to the work of JoeK, I am excited to announce that StillTruth has released several works of Octavius Winslow in Libronix format for Logos. Winslow wrote my favorite book apart from the bible, The Precious Things of God. You can access the electronic files from stilltruth.com here and read our review of The Precious Things of God, here. Thank you Joe for doing this!

New recommendation from Dr Iain D. Campbell, pastor of Free Church of Scotland, Back, Isle of Lewis, Scotland here.

I will be back soon. Thanks for stopping by The Shepherd’s Scrapbook.

Preach boldly, compassionately

From a sermon preached on Sept. 22, 1661 (Preaching of Christ) …

“Shall any man be so bold as to do what God forbids? And shall a minister be so timorous [timid] as not to speak what God commands? Shall I be afraid to offend him by doing my duty, who is not afraid to offend God by neglecting his? Shall I be afraid to save him who is not afraid to destroy himself? Or shall I be dismayed at the face and frown of a man, and neglect the wrath of God who can tear me in pieces? ‘Be not dismayed at their face,’ saith the Lord, ‘lest I confound thee before them’ (Jer. 1:17). Yet this boldness must be in a way of conviction and persuasion, without indiscretion and exasperation; that when we show our zeal against men’s sins, we may withal manifest our love to their persons, and that honor and reverend esteem which we owe to their dignities and conditions.”

Edward Reynolds (Soli Deo Gloria, 1826/2000), Works 5:349

What Jesus Demands from the World

“You cannot merely decide to love classical music or country western music, much less God. The music must become compelling. If you don’t love it, something must change inside of you. That change makes it possible for the mind to experience the music with a compelling sense of its attractiveness. So it is with God. You do not merely decide to love him. Something changes inside you, and as a result he becomes compellingly attractive. His glory—his beauty—compels your admiration and delight.”

John Piper, What Jesus Demands from the World (Crossway: 2006) pp. 77-78